Diablo Blanco

I’m planning on getting my first 1.2 pair here soon and my goal is to eventually produce Diablo Blanco’s but I am confused on which Morphs would be best to get to that. I understand that they are Albino tremper x Blizzard x Eclipse but i’m just mainly wondering what two parent’s would result in them?


Eclipse is the only gene you may have trouble with in the pairing. You’re going to want to make sure that neither parent has snow because super snows naturally have all black eyes without eclipse genes. That can make distinguishing eclipse from super snow difficult.

Diablo Blancos are fairly common now. So the easiest way is to just straight up breed them.
But if you want to have a fun project, you’ll ideally want groups that are double recessive and het for the 3rd gene. And that also different genes on each. For example:

Albino Eclipse het blizzard x Blizzard Eclipse het Albino
Albino Blizzard het Eclipse x Albino Eclipse het blizzard


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The other complicating factor is that a Blizzard is the same and may also have all-black eyes without the Eclipse gene.

Diablo Blancos are very affordable right now, so it might just be easiest to start with one or more Diablo Blanco as a breeder. Most people breed for very white animals, so I suggest breeding for highlighter yellows, as it will make them unique. Once very developed/bright, it may increase the marketability of the offspring you produce by making them more unique.

If you are dead set on starting your own from scratch and being sure of having all three traits, make sure you only consider an animal an Eclipse when it is Snake-Eyed, in order to reduce confusion. Blizzards and Super Snows will (edit: sometimes and always, respectively) have entirely black eyes, so if an animal has Snake Eyes, and you know there are no other ocular mutations present in sire & dam, then you know it is a true Eclipse.

Honestly, producing Diablo Blancos from scratch would be a pretty laborious process over the course of several years. You need to be very rigorous regarding knowing the genetics of any morphs in every breeder you use or gecko you sell so that you don’t get confused, which would make any offspring Pet Only. I’ve been searching for a true, proven , Snake-Eyed Blizzard Eclipse for several years for a project of my own, and I’ve never found one that didn’t have hets incompatible with my project. I have seen Snaje-Eyed Blizzard Eclipses around that are het for Tremper. They would also be a great place to start.

Also, the value of Diablo Blancos has dropped (as with all leos in general), so you would produce a lot of animals with hets that aren’t very marketable without significantly impressive other traits.