Did I ID this scaleless correctly?

Pairing was pastel spider Scalelesshead X lesser scalelesshead.
It’s a super SH and a spider of course, but, I’ve had a few comments questioning if it was pastel or not.
I’ve just been calling her a scaleless spider, but confirmation from anyone else working with scaleless would be great! The lack of scales puts a twist on identifying traits so im having a difficult time telling if I ID’d her correctly or not. Not finding many examples to compare to either unfortunately.


It’s beautiful :star_struck: in my opinion it looks like a super sh spider pastel but I have little experience with scaleless head

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No idea on the morph but my wife LOVES the color on her!


I would say scaleless spider (I don’t have much knowledge with scaleless morphs). Do you have pictures of the rest of the clutch?

She was the only scaleless so I don’t have much to properly compare to even within the clutch


I’m sticking with my identification of scaleless spider but I’m not positive.

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An updated photo of her now that she’s almost 200 grams


I think it is just scaleless spider. I think if it had Pastel it would look more like the last baby Bumblebee. (Can’t tell if that one is SH) The head would be more blushed out like on the 3rd one pastel scaleless head.
I am not great on IDing yet. My ID’s on the other 2 may be wrong.
Just my opinion.

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I would say scaleless spider pastel, i am by no means an expert, but i have a scaleless pastel and a scaleless normal. Your coloration is far closer to pastel than normal. Pics of pastel and normal. Pastel is yellow and pink, normal is grey. P.S. i was experimenting with which substraits were safe at the time. Substrate pictured is a no go. P.S.S. i could very well be wrong as the spider specles white upward from the belly, so its possible much of the potential grey color could be hidden.

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Clean shed pic of normal

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