Did I Miss An Ovy?

Hey all! Super excited for this season, I’ve got some awesome stuff in the works, including our first clutch of potential clowns!

However, I am unsure of where this girl is in her cycle.
She had a shed on feb 10, and that was when I started to notice a swell within her.

Over the weeks, the swell has become bigger, and i’m unsure if this is her building getting close to ovy, or if she ovulated already, and these are eggs?

photos of her below.

would love some opinions. thank you all :slight_smile:

EDIT: as a precaution i am going to leave her alone for now. if she goes, then only time will tell. i don’t want to stress or harm her in any way, and lord knows i’ve done my fair share of opening her bin every day lol. thank you for your inputs!


That swell looks like eggs post-ovulation to me, especially if she’s staying coiled on the warm side and/or has stopped taking food. If she did ovulate already, then that shed was likely her prelay and you’d be expecting eggs sometime in the later half of March.


okay thank you kayla :slight_smile: i check them every day so i’m shocked if i did miss and ovi

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When did she eat last?


As a side note… suspending them like that when they may have eggs can put a lot of weight on the ovaducts and potentially cause issues with tearing.


i don’t hold them like that for very long. just to snap a photo really quickly. i always ensure to keep her body supported otherwise

she hasn’t eaten for about 2 months now

How much time was she spending on the cool side prior to this? If she was on the cool side for the majority of those two months she’s been off food I’d say she ovulated already too, but like you said you check your animals every day and there’s absolutely no mistaking an ovy

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Posting an update!! she ovulated today :partying_face:



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thank you :slight_smile:

What was she paired to?

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she is a het clown and she was bred to our mojave clown


Good stuff, congrats. I predict some mojave clowns in your future!

Mark your calendar, 44 days or so!

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thank you very much! :grin:

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Nice! Good luck! We expect an update when the eggs and babies come :grin:

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i’ll definitely post one! :grin:

Congratulations! You’ll have eggs in no time, and hopefully some clowns in the near future! :blush:

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