Did we hit a surprise Crypton?

Paired a Leopard Desert Ghost to an Enchi Blade Clown to produce double het combos and this boy popped out. The combination of Leopard Enchi and possibly Blade all being pattern and color mutations similar to Cryptic/Crypton makes this much harder.
I reached out to the breeder that produced the Leopard Desert Ghost male and he had Cryptons show up in his collection last year.
What do you think? Is this an Enchi Leopard Crypton?
Thanks for looking and thanks to the excellent genetic eye of @inspirationexotics for pointing this out.


The original reason we started suspecting cryptic is because of this little hatchling. She’s from a leopard Enchi fire het DG X leopard het DG pairing, with both dam and sire produced by the original leopard DG male. She looks remarkably het cryptic to me, and when I asked a couple breeders who work with cryptic/crypton they agreed they wouldn’t be surprised at all if she does prove to be het cryptic, even though it’s not known in these animals, just suspected.


Bumping this because I really want to see others’ opinions! They really don’t look like typical enchi leopard hets to me