Difference between albino and Cinnamon Albino?

How can I tell the difference between an Albino and a Cinnamon Albino? Does anyone have a pic side by side of the two morphs?

Pattern. Cinnamons give those connected full circles on the side instead of normal alien heads or like spider strips or enchi camo shapes etc.

Pattern and contrast.

The Cinny pattern is distinct and Albino does not alter it. There is also a more distinct contrast between the white and yellow.

You can see a clutch pic here from EbN. It is easy to pick out the two Albino Cinny from the regular Albino:

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@t_h_wyman thank you! Yes. I could tell the difference. The cinnys have more white, right?

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Yes, the pattern alterations Cinny causes increase the amount of white. There is also a difference in the tone/contrast but that is less obvious in that linked pic because they are all pre-shed. Once they are all shed out you can see a difference and as they age the difference becomes much more pronounced

Cinny albi.