Different Banana Pieds

I hatch a lot of Banana Pieds. These stood out to me as possibly having something else going on. I am keeping them to find out but thought I would post and see if anyone else is seeing something like this in their Banana Pieds.


These are gorgeous! I just purchased a banana pied from you and I’m excited to see what I can produce using your line!


@mikewilbanks pretty! Look like it has gravel or asphalt in them! Definitely great looking snakes!


How are these guys doing? Any clue as to what is going on?


Mike, excellent looking snakes… I had the same happen to me where I couldn’t understand the two variations in color of this Banana Pied

Good luck and I hope we both end up with something NEW!


@mikewilbanks did you ever find out what’s going on in there?
I bought a banana Het pied from you back In 2019 and finally got him to breed last season to a het pied female and some of the banana offspring came out with this white on the sides was wondering if it’s the same thing going on?

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