Different kind of morph question

Hi, it’s me again haha

Today I would have an unusual question because I recently found a picture on the internet of a person who does not know the parents of their gecko.

I really liked the variety in the photo because of the pattern and brown colors and I would like to ask if anyone has an idea what gene variety it could be or what crossbreeding could help achieve a similar pattern?

I know this is a difficult task but I would appreciate any hint. Treat this as a very theoretical “game” rather than a serious post :slight_smile:


I saw one that looked similar to this one while I was browsing last night but I couldn’t find it again but I am going to compare this cute little guy to something like a super snow? I think? :joy:

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I checked on the internet and indeed the Super Snow variety sometimes takes on such a brown tint that I hadn’t thought of! Thanks!

Fun Fact: I’m in the process of buying a female Mack Super Snow while it has a completely different shade so I didn’t even think it could be this morph haha

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If you’re looking for a super snow that is white with the brown spots, it will also have to be albino.

The gecko in the first image is hard to make out the exact look of, but from what I do see it looks like an albino with a jungle or stripe pattern and some nice high yellow color

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