Difficulty swallow mice

Question guys, i got this male adult ball python who suddenly seems to have a difficulty swallowing his fresh killed mice. He clearly wants to eat it and tries a few times but struggling. The mice gets in mouth 1/3 and then hè seems have problems getting of down further. The mice isnt too big i guess because he ate it before. Anyone knows this issue and what to do?

I’d say it’s time for a vet visit. Could be something in the mouth either foreign or biological. I wouldn’t suggest anyone inexperienced to go trying to force a snake’s mouth open. Best to let a professional do it.


Are you positive there’s nothing lodged in their throat or mouth and no neurological issues?
Any injuries to the mouth or chin?

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I dont see any injury around his mouth or inside when hè opens it. Besides this he acts normal. Im on holiday now when i get back ill try one more time feeding before seeing a vet.

Thanks from the replies.