Disco Pastel Lesser x Fire Spider egg cut

So what is your guess with just this little peek


Hard to say until they are all the way out! But looks like you have a super fire. Which would mean your disco is actually a fire. The disco gene doesn’t make all white snakes. Also you don’t appear to have any lesser in the mix. Did you pair this female to multiple males?


I said the same thing. Disco and fire look so much alike, I do believe someone made a mistake in genes. I’ll gladly take a black eyed tho… just kills my chances of getting a disco inferno. I’ll post more pics of them when they come out and I’ll post pics of the parents. I only paired her with one snake.

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They do but I can usually pick out vanilla and disco from fire. There are subtle differences!!! But breeding out is the :100: tried and true method!!

I feel your pain these are one of my favorite als!


You could have a Queen Bee, Bumble Bee, Super Fire Bumble Bee, or Fire Bee Lesser. Looks like they all have Spider in them, well can’t tell about the solid white one. But it could have too.
Nice lookin babies!


Ok here are some better pics and I’m so excited :laughing:


F1 pastel disco inferno spider m1 disco inferno F2 disco pastel f3 fire pastel spider f4 lesser pastel spider f5 spider fire pastel. I hold the right to change my ids after shed lol. M1 is an absolute screamer!!! Super nice clutch!!!


Thanks for your help saleengrinch.

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My pleasure! Always like looking at pictures of hatchlings!!!