Discourse Chat Integration

I’ll have to take a look at it and mess around to see how it works.
My only concern would be that having both a Discord server and an on-site chat feature would be a bit redundant, but I’m not sure if the on-site feature is as versatile as Discord is.

Looking on my phone, it seems like I can only add people into a personal chat, but I’ll check it out on PC to see if I’m missing something.

Edit: Checking it on PC, I’ve confirmed that I can only create personal chats. I can’t create channels myself, I’m guessing I don’t have the right perms for that.


The Chat and Channel features are literally Discord itself :wink:… we’ve teamed up

Yep, staff can create channels :grinning:


Ohh, okay! My bad, I didn’t know! :joy:

It looks like I won’t be able to do much on my end since I only have administrator perms on the Discord server and not the forum – though Thomas, since you’re already in the Discord server and have administrator permissions in there, this shouldn’t be terribly difficult to get set up without having to give me any staff perms over here on the forum.

After doing further reading, the Discourse chat feature is not 100% the same as Discord, you’d have to add the Discourse Chat Integration plugin to use Discord rather than just the regular Discourse Chat plugin.

This plugin also allows us to have a Discord server dropdown on the site. This mainly just serves as a way to advertise that there is in fact a Discord server and shows who is online.
Actually, reading through that thread a bit, someone made an installable theme component here for the dropdown.

Lastly, we can set up a bot that will post to the Discord, and should be able to configure it to only post when there’s new topics, featured topics, etc. depending on what is preferred.
I don’t actually know anything about setting up bots for Discord, I’ve never made one myself. But the link has a pretty comprehensive guide so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I do feel that discussing this in the mod-general channel on the Discord server would be our best bet, so if you have time could you drop in there so we can work together to get it figured out?


I think we may be tangling wires here, this won’t be replacing/merging any current Discord environments to the forum, but simply adding the usability of Discord over here… if that makes sense. But your detailed and thoughtful reply, and understanding of Discord, is exactly why I tagged you :wink:


I’m not quite sure I follow… but I’ll try to explain my POV on this :sweat_smile:

I wasn’t expecting Discord to replace or change anything with the forums, but where I’m confused is that you added the Discourse Chat plugin — which doesn’t have any integration with Discord by itself.
Having just the Discourse Chat plugin and none of the Discord addons makes it redundant. We don’t need both a Discord server and an on-site chat feature.

The features I mentioned in my previous post would allow some integration between the forum and Discord server by:

  • Showing users the Discord server via a drop-down menu (this would not allow them to use Discord on the community forum, but would only allow them to see that it exists and who is online on the server and would thus encourage them to join the server)
  • If set up, a bot that posts links to forum topics into a designated Discord server channel (for example, new topics or featured topics/official updates from the forum)

I hope that helps explain better? I’m not entirely sure what’s going on :joy:


Yeah I think were talking about different outcomes :sweat_smile: but I really appreciate this and that the fact you are fluent on Meta.

This is the Discourse Chat Integration plug-in

This is the new Discourse 3.0 release. This is not for integration of the two platforms, rather just bringing the feature set of one onto the other, not the content. But as a side note, we have a limit to the amount of plug-ins we can have at one time based on our hosting package, so we have to think hard about any new ones we add/replace.

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But that’s quite literally what the Discourse Chat Integration plug-in is for, so you can set it up for a group chat platform (Discord in our instance) to receive notifications about new posts on Discourse.

Screenshot shown in the screenshot above:

The new Discourse 3.0 chat feature is not the same thing, it’s a copycat of Discord channels from what I can see from the preview on the official Discourse blog.

Comparing to Discord:

Having Discord-like features on the forum again defeats the purpose of having the Discord server — I really want to make that clear, because I don’t want to be trying to promote/run a Discord server when we have the same features on the forum itself.

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I think we have lost each other a few times here :sweat_smile: I think I poorly structured that comment also and caused more confusion…

I think that reads better… maybe :sweat_smile:

At the moment we are still looking at how to (if possible) work this into the forum here, but I think it would be best to keep everything under one platform.

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Yes, I understood the difference between the two — what I was caught up on was why the chat was being added to the site when we already had the Discord server — but now I understand that it is… replacing the Discord server for the foreseeable future?

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So then my followup questions:

  1. Should I keep the Discord server, or shut it down?

  2. If I keep it, am I still allowed to promote it? Or would it be better to just kind of leave it as-is for the time being?
    I had only promoted it on the forum as I didn’t want to promote it on my own social medias without it being greenlit as “official” — which it was never given an “official” designation.
    But I also don’t want to turn around and try to promote it without it being labeled as official and promoted by MorphMarket itself.


I think our original reasoning for throwing around the idea of a Discord server was the ease of chat features over there vs. here on Discourse.

Hopefully, it could. Having everyone under one roof would be the best outcome, but we are yet to really nail that idea down… that’s a thought for the future.
Right now, we want to incorporate these features into the current forum categories and content.

As it’s just the forum members on there, I’d leave it up and ask everyone that visits it to have a look at what “channels” and ideas they would like to see brought over here eventually. But I wouldn’t put energy into promoting it to a wider audience, at least for the time being.