Disposition of Sumatran Short Tail Pythons?

Is their care or disposition different than red bloods? I had a pair of T- blood pythons at one point but found I didn’t like working with them as much as I thought (though it was probably just the pair I had, the male especially was pretty nasty).

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The care is the same, they come from the same islands. The disposition is a little different though, the ones I have are calmer than the bloods that I have interacted with. They aren’t like ball python calm, they still act sketchy at times and if they get too hot they get downright mean.


This guy is usually pretty good once he is out of the cage. He has only ever struck at stuff while in his cage. Got my hand once but I felt the impact more than the teeth. He just kinda pushed his open mouth at me and didn’t grab on.


They are the calmest of them all

They are the most mellow of all of them. I find that a lot of people’s issues with all the short tail pythons is keeping them in to high of temps. You would be surprised how much lowering the temp can change there attitude. They are the first snake I kept and bred in 2002 this gal was one of the easy work with snakes I have ever owned.