DIY Enclosure Door help!

I made a stacking enclosure. 2 2x2x2 and 1 4x2x2 . But I’m running into the issue of the door. I wanted to do sliding glass doors because of high humidity 90+. And acrylic wraps too much. But every local glass store or online wants $100-210 per enclosure for cut glass.

(13 x 23 and 20x23)

My local hardware stores only sells 3/32 thick glass but I don’t think that’s thick enough.

Any other options?


I have had no issue using acrylic panels for the doors on my 6ft enclosures after 2 years. I just have my local acrylics shop cut the doors to size (pay per square inch vs sheet). I then just get a piano hinge and sliding locks from the hardware store.
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I’m worried about how it will handle the high humidity. A previous acrylic door I had bowed out.

What thickness are you using?

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I use acrylic doors on my 4’x2’, but my necessary humidity levels are considerably lower than what you need (60-70%). I have heard of acrylic warping at higher humidity, so your concern is valid.

I know that some enclosure companies sell replacement glass doors for their enclosures. You could see if something like Animal Plastics, Zen, Black Box, Custom Reptile Habitats, etc. sell doors in the correct dimensions for your enclosure and what that would cost. Or if they don’t list the dimensions you need on their website, you could try contacting them and ask if they’d be willing to cut and sell you glass doors in the dimensions you need, and see if that would be any cheaper. No idea if it would be, though. :person_shrugging:

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If you are using 1/4" acrylic or polycarbonate sliding doors and they are bowing or warping on you. Here is what I did in the past for some of my cages. Go to any good hardware store, and they should have an aluminum C channel. Cut to fit and glue it to the 2 vertical sides of each door. Make sure you allow for the top of the door to slide up into the door track. And leave a litte room for the bottom of the door to fit into the bottom track.

Link to my cage prints.


I believe 3/16. I have not noticed any bowing of the panels themselves, but my wood enclosures will swell at times making them a little tight. I also believe the piano hinge helps to prevent bowing of the panel.

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I would actually think that because the stress of the long extended hinge could hold the panels integrity, at least in my mind that’s how I perceive it.