DIY enclosure questions

Whats up guys,

Im looking to buy a snake thats around 887g (female), its being kept in a 21" x 15" enclosure by the breeder. I have a 32" x 17" tub but I feel like that may be a bit big and I do not want to stress the snake. Correct me if I’m wrong

Im thinking of possibly making this single enclosure into two by gluing/siliconing a divider made of thick opaque plastic. One side would measure 23" x 17" for the new 887g female, and the other would measure 9" x 17" for any possible small females in the future. keep in mind this enclosure would be temporary and not permanent as the snake grows.

Also what are some reptile safe silicones/glues? If I do end up going down this route.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, thanks


It wouldn’t be necessary to shrink the enclosure unless you really wanted to, with a bigger enclosure you can “junk it up” and put fake plants and hides and leaves everywhere in it, enough that if the snake wanted to she could go from one side to the other without being seen. If you did want to make a divider then you would need to have a heating element in the middle right under the divider so each side has a warm/cold gradient. I went to an expo a few months ago and bought an enclosure and cork bark background and bought this silicone glue and was told that it was reptile safe. “100% RTV Silicone Rubber adhesive sealant”. However, the cork bark fit perfectly on the back wall so I didn’t end up using it.

Maybe some other users on this form can pitch in on whether or not it looks like it’s reptile safe.


Use aquarium sealant or GE 100% silicon 2, both are safe for reptiles as far as I know once cured.


I think you want to avoid GE #2. Silicone #1 is safer?

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