Diy hides for bp

anybody hit some good ideas for diy hides for my big girls 900+ grams

Depending on enclosure size you could cut a hole in a plastic oil pan thing, or maybe a litterbox, ive also used an 8"Ă—12"x3.5" box made of wood. Ive seen people use large plastic bowls too.
I like the plastic options as they are one solid piece and easy to clean, but in a display they arent exactly pretty.

Really anything that is easy to clean, isnt sharp, and doesnt smell horrible Should be good.

im still pretty new and curious to see what else people have used

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litter boxes from dollar tree are my #1 go to for my Boas once they start getting size to them. I occasionally build some out of 1/2" pvc sheet as well, can make custom hides to whatever size/shape your heart desires that way.

Think about how we find snakes when field herping. More often than not we find them underneath fairly broad/flat hiding locations. I’ve built a few hides with that in mind, approximately 12" wide 12" deep and only about 1 to 2" tall. That way they can still sprawl out some but have the security feeling of something pressing ontop of their body.


I use modified sandwich containers for my leopard geckos. Larger containers would work for ball pythons too as long as they’re opaque.

they are in 44 qt rack system tubs

Just my opinion, and I would never call myself an expert. If it is in a 44q tub there is not much room for a hid. If using a rack system with semi clear or gray tubs, again in my opinion, hides are not needed. The tub becomes the hide. I would love to see what others think.

Just another opinion–
I guess it depends a bit on your set up. Yes hides for high ceiling enclosures or glass.
But for me, In a tub with a rack that covers 5/6 sides and only one open front side, I find my adults are secure enough and don’t need it or dont use one if provided.
It looks like you have tubs, (but I don’t know how many sides are exposed) either way I would say if the individual does need a hide, whatever plastic container fits.
I have even used breakfast cereal boxes for 900g+ until they settled…
Nice cheep, DIY, temporary, recyclable, replaceable for free and compostable solution.

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