DIY Incubator Build

I know there are a few of these topics in the forum, so if I need to just ride the coattails of another topic, mods, let me know.

Anywho, I picked up some wine fridges that don’t work for $40. Yes. You heard right. FOUR of these monsters for FORTY DOLLARS.
I was wondering if there is any interest in me posting my progress along with the many anticipated roadblocks I will run into cause, lets face it, I know just enough to be dangerous but not enough to be efficient. And I would love to hear any other lessons learned.

My plan is to take apart the condenser (I have a fridge tech friend that will get rid of the refrigerant legally) and somehow put in lighting and fans and such. The only bummer part is that each tower is 3 separate units so I’ll likely chain the heat tape to a single controller. Also thinking of keeping only two, and attempting to sell the other two.


I would love to tag along! Lurking…


Me too! I want to see the build