DIY rack opinions

Just built this DIY rack out of stuff around the house and I’m pretty proud of it. What do y’all think?


It looks fantastic!! What’s the material? Did a great job imo!

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Plywood and thank you!

That looks awesome!

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Yeah, certainly looks sharp.

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Appreciate that!

Thank you!

Not bad for plywood. Nice work.

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Looks great! What do you have for heating?

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What heating did you use? UTH or on the back?

thank you!

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thanks and I’m using heat tape

im using uth

I build one like this that’s 3 tubs tall and 4 long and I was wondering with the heat tape if you have to provide a gap in between the heat tape and the tubs. On the instructions it says that a 1/4" gap is necessary to prevent overheating. Is that necessary or with a thermostat overheating isn’t really possible. Maybe it depends on the kind of heat tape. I’m just wondering if you provided a gap or not.