Do all bp's wobble?

Hello everyone, I was watching a video a few days back about people breeding the spider gene and how they wobble, it was mentioned other gene bp’s such as spotnose can also be bred with a wobble, being one of them which I own, I had noticed when my bp is extending out to climb on something his head will bob up and down, it’s not drastic but it’s noticeable, I suppose my question is, is it true that spotnose can have issues and could it effect my bp as he gets older?

Spotnose on it’s own does not have a wobble. however in SUPER form which is a powerball yes they do have a wobble. A good majority of snakes when extending their bodies to climb will wobble some just from the strain of muscle contraction trying to reach said branch.


Thanks for the comments guys, I thought i had missed something some where when reading up on spotnose gene

I totally agree. It may be worth pointing out just as a general comment that some animals can acquire a head wobble (or neurological damage) from over exposure to some chemicals (typically snake mite treatment) or I have read it can be a symptom of Nidovirus.

I’m not suggesting that that’s the case here but it is something to keep in mind if you suddenly notice a head wobble in animals that you haven’t noticed it in before.


Obviously spiders, champagnes, and certain other morphs inherently carry the potential for the notorious head wobble, but I was wondering whether there’s potential for the malady amongst any ball python, irregardless of its morph. I ask this because I recently acquired two normal het lavenders and one lesser enchi pastel, and all three of them display some wobble. Just looking for some possible explanations for it. Thanks for any help!

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