Do Hypo greenish rat snakes still exist or has the line died out?

Hi, Back in the day when you could only get wild caught I acquired some Greenish rat snakes.
(Black/yellow intergrade species).
I managed to breed a pair and produced some offspring.
I bread them back to each other and produced a pair of Hypos. (see the pictures below.)
The hypos combined breed true and it worked like a recessive gene when bread out. So this was not just a colour difference.
However, due to life taking a bite out of me I had to give up keeping snakes for a while. I lost the line and could not find it again.
Question: has anyone seen any of these? are any still around, or did the line die out.

Greenish Rat Snake picture below. ( From the internet. I don’t have any scans of my old chemical photography handy.)

My old chemical photograph of my hypo Greenish Rat scanned.


I have never seen these offered for sale. I wonder who has the originals now? They are very beautiful.


This guy is super nice!!! I’ve seen these before but geez it’s been years!!! I hope your able to find some!


Yes they are nice, a nice temperament too. Yep its been years but glad someone else recognises them.