Do I need to intervene and cut this?

The last baby to come out has a larger piece of the umbilical material hanging off than I have usually experienced. Do I need to tie this off and remove it or will it fall of on it’s own. Thanks in advance for any help.


It is hard to see how thick it is from the pic. but I would just keep it on damp paper towels for a day or two. It should fall off on it’s own.


Thank you Bane. Leading into the belly it is probably only an eighth of an inch thick, typical umbilical chord size.

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Id agree with @banereptiles . Looks like something that will fall off on its own in a day or two.

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Actually, it already fell off since I posted the thread. I guess if I had waited a little bit, this thread would not have been unnecessary. Thanks to both of you for your input just the same.


Even if you knew the answer already, this thread was necessary for many future readers that are panicking :wink:


Totally agree with @eaglereptiles your situation could help a lot of others with theirs! And if you never saw it before you are entitled to get worried about it! Glad it looks like all is good with your new snake!


Most of the times things like that will fall off 1 - 3 days after coming out of the egg if still attached :slight_smile:
(in my experience)