Do y'all keep the generic foam background?

Hey everyone!

My terrarium finally came in a couple of days ago…today is set up day. I was wondering, do y’all keep the generic foam background in there?

With previous geckos, they weren’t “climbers” so I had them in short tanks. It does look a lot better with it…but will the foam do my cresties any harm if left in there? Eventually I plan on making something myself.

I make my own with all my bio vivs so it looks more natural.
But you can leave it in also And will be fine. :blush:


Yes, I do. I’m fact I have bought some new ones as I bought some enclosures that don’t have them in.

It helps to keep the tank warmer.

I don’t have the time to make my own backgrounds, it I would do

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Cool! Thanks y’all! I just wasn’t sure if the foam was considered “safe” or not…

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Mine are all Exo Terra backgrounds, I haven’t used any others


I use cork bark backgrounds. It looks good, they can climb it easily, it doesn’t rot or mold, and you can easily add plants to it.


OMG cork bark doesn’t mold??

Mind blown!!!


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I guess it could mold but it is much less likely to mold than most wood branches (because of it’s antifungal properties, similar to sphagnum moss).


I keep em. They usually get tossed in my small tanks. 10’s and 20’s, basically the temp enclosures that I just need to be tolerable to look at.


That is a very good idea :+1: