Do you really want to know how to know everything and so breed like clockwork?


Question, would you really enjoy it as much if you knew it all. So that you could predict dates of feeding, shedding, mating, ovulation, laying, hatching, everything like clockwork?

I first got into snakes (before captive breeding was happening) because it was an unknown and so so much to learn.
Yes I strive to refine my knowledge all over and especially here, to enjoy learning and hopefully become more able to predict with more accuracy.

But the biggest thrill for me is a surprise eggs or hatchlings day.

Where is the balance for you?.


Good question! @ascended Like you hinted I also think even with all the good information we get and re-adjust the ways we do things. We will never not be surprised. Living animals are not a recipe, and a lot of times recipes don’t work like expected. Just last season I had 1 female lock so many times before any other female even wanted to be with a male(4-6) weeks. I thought for sure she will lay first, of course not! Second to last. And those that aren’t supposed to lay for another several days, what’s up with them? I had a female 3800+grams 4-5 years old 2 seasons in a row lock lock lock never laid for me once. No difference in husbandry whatsoever? Ya never know what exactly will be coming out of the egg, even though you got all the calculations and searched for pics of what they should look like. That is why I will keep breeding, I still get surprised every year!