Do you shower your pets?

So maybe im weird, but I’ve always taken my reptiles in the shower with me once in a while. Just wondered if anybody else does that? Took my new crestie in with me yesterday and he seemed to really enjoy it, even licked water droplets off my skin which i thought was pretty cute.

And before i get any hate, i do have a Dermoia shower head filter which removes chlorine and toxins. Its actually really good for your skin and hair, honestly best purchase ive ever made.

Anyways, heres a pic


I think that’s pretty cute! I have never showered with my pets, but the bigger ones do get a bathtub filled with water for them to soak/swim in from time to time to help with shedding. I bet yours never have a dry or bad shed!:smiley:


I do love to spoil them and give them lots of enrichment. Also i enjoy bonding with them and ive found sitting with them in the shower is a great, calm place to do it!


I haven’t taken mine in the shower; I don’t trust myself not to slip and there’s no seat in my shower. But I have on occasion taken them out for a walk in the rain.
Edit: I don’t have cresties. I’m talking about my corn snakes.


I personally wouldn’t take my cresties in the shower. No need and will just cause stress with constant water on them… Defo not something I recommend to anyone.

Only things needing a bath are the tortoise and occasionally the snakes.


I understand that but i dont get water on him, i sit on the shower floor at the opposite end of the tub and just chill in the steam.

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I’m afraid my little crestie would scamper off and he is fast! I have to admit that this is one thing I have never even thought of doing! Lol! But whatever works for the individual! :upside_down_face:

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I shower all of my pets… with love and attention! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have heard of indirect showers being used in chameleon care, though I don’t know if that is proper husbandry or not. I used to keep hermit crabs in a bathroom I showered in, and they absolutely loved it!

Hermit Crab Love GIF by pikaole