Do you test for Crypto?

Hello hognose fam :wave:
I am not new to the hobby, but I am currently building a much bigger collection than I have ever had. Having just recently gone on a deep dive into Cryptosporidium, I am now pretty scared. I did not fully understand this danger until recently, and in the meantime, I’ve been handling my new snakes by hand with only hand washing between snakes, sharing one dish for weighing them on the scale, offering rejected mice to my more agressive eaters, etc. In short, I have not been nearly careful enough.

For those with large collections from multiple breeders - do you test your collection for crypto? If you do, do you test every snake, or only a portion of them? How many times do you retest? (I’m aware that it’s recommended to retest 4-7 times depending on who you talk to, I’m just curious what folks out here in the hobby actually do)

How common IS crypto in these snakes?? It’s talked about so little, I honestly don’t even know if it’s a rare thing or fairly common.