Do you think we'll see galliwasps become bigger in the hobby in the following years?

They seem absolutely briliant, especially Diploglossus monotropis, but it seems nobody really touches them at all. I once asked this to someone and they suggested that maybe they just don’t thrive in captivity, but I don’t know, as I’ve never even heard of someone attempting to keep them. Just curious on other people’s thoughts~


Those do seem really cool. Kinda like is a skink crossed with a newt. Hopefully someone will work with these. The Brazilians are especially cool with all the stripes.

I would like to see them become more readily available, they’re interesting and have a cool look.


My first instinct would be to say, no, there isn’t enough of a demand. However, I probably would have said that about Blue-Tongued Skinks ten years ago, and they are becoming a big market.

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I’ve seen a few on MorphMarket recently, but I can’t find much husbandry info. :eyes: I suppose I’d best just be patient while other folks more on ‘the cutting edge’ of the hobby learn more and start to share more info.

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