Dodgy wrinkly looking eggs

Hi all,
Those with experience in breeding that have seen all kinds of eggs, have you ever came across eggs that look dehydrated, even though your conditions are correct?

I had a clutch laid 55 days ago and about 3/4 weeks in they started to look a bit shrivelled and dehydrated even though conditions were correct,

I’m crossing my fingers on these hatching but I’m kinda expecting the worst if I’m honest

Hopefully these pics work

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Try increasing the humidity in the box, by now they should be close to hatching so it won’t make a huge difference.

When I noticed them changing, I did add more water to the vermiculite (was originally 1:1 by weight) the egg tubs are pretty much air tight too and hydrometer was always 99%, I guess time will tell :persevere:

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It could just be because they are close to hatching. Try not to bother them too much.

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I have had some do this close to hatch time and they have been fine

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They tend to shrivel towards the end. They look like they should be fine.


I agree with the fact that they shrivel towards hatching. Except they said that the eggs started shriveling 3-4 weeks after being laid. I still think that they should try increasing the humidity even though the eggs will stay shriveled anyways for hatching.

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