Does anyone breed or have Sceloporus lizards? Texas or Granite Spinys?

I am looking to get into Sceloporus breeding after college, it’s been a passionate project I’m looking forward to, but I need males. I have one adult breeding prospect female and two hatchlings that I think are female that are showing good health and may be good for breeding. I am still waiting for them to reach six months to a year to really know their sex, but using a light, I don’t see hemipenes. One is 4 months, the other is 2 months old.

I am looking for Granite Spiny lizards and Texas Spiny lizards. (Sceloporus orcutti and Sceloporus olivaceus).

I am also open to following anyone who breeds these guys as I can’t buy for another 2-3 years. So let me know if you or someone else breeds and sells Spiny lizards! Thanks!

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Merry Christmas and welcome to the forum! This is the community side of the forum. Have you checked out the MM Sales side yet?

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Yes, quite often. This is a rare genus to find so I want to see if anyone breeds them but hasn’t sold any yet or who does sell, but not on MorphMarket. I just wanna find some people who own lizards in this genus who may sell in the future.