Does anyone keep any sort of mud snake?

Has anyone got any experience keeping Farancias… Mud snakes?
They are such amazing and beautiful animals and I don’t see any mentioned of any on here.

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I had never heard of them before so I looked them up and they are just gorgeous! I love the coloring on the end it sorta reminds me of a garter snake in a way

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Some of their bellies are amazing. Almost full checkers boards.

Never heard of a mudsnake. Gonna look it up.

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I have heard of them, but no one breeds them from what I can tell. Might be why not many keep them since catching them is probably regulated, and they might be hard to find since their habitat is, well, mud. Swamps and stuff aren’t fun to squish around in. Their care might also be a bit tricky since they are semi-aquatic.


Who doesn’t like squishing in the mud? Been doing so for more than fifty years! :smiley:

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It might be about time to go take a shower or something :wink::joy:

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Showers are SO overrated… Ha,ha!