Does anyone know a lot about sexing ball pythons?

I have two ball pythons, one is two months old and the other is one year old. I need help Identifying their sex. Is there anyone that might be able to show me how with pictures or recommend any people like a vet that could do it for me? Thanks in advance!

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Not that I’m one to talk because I learned from YouTube videos. However I believe the best way is to find a local breeder to show you.

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Without knowing where you are and being familiar with your location it is going to be rather difficult to give any such recommendations.

There are 2 methods to sexing popping and probing, both should learned from by someone experienced as you can harm your snakes if done improperly. While there are plenty of youtube videos out there on the subject having an experienced hand to show and guide is highly recommended.

As to vets check some of your local reptile groups and ask for experienced reputable reptile vets in your area. Not all vets are remotely close to being equal.

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Thank you! I am taking both my ball pythons to the vet, but that is also why I asked on this website. To find someone who knows. Well, would you be able to find a reptile breeder in my area if I tell you my location?

actually if you go to to the main morphmarket page, click on the stores link, then morph map link, zoom to your area.

There are no stores in my area, so my only choice is a vet.

Some vets are also not the most accurate when it comes to sexing animals. Especially since one of your animals is 2 months old they may misidentify its gender. Unless you are taking them to a vet that specializes in reptiles I wouldn’t fully put my trust into their guess. Did you buy from a breeder or pet store? Breeders on MM sex their animals where as pet stores do not.

This vet has someone who specializes in reptiles. Also, the 2 month old was sexed by the breeder we bought him from. So we just want to know the 1 year old’s age.

In a previous post you said your oldest snake was a male.

That was what I thought that snake was. But now I figured out that I don’t completely know if they are female or male. Because I tried sexing them, and I didn’t see the hemipenes but there were two holes. We got a new one and the breeder showed a picture of its hemipenes, I tried sexing him but didn’t see anything. So now I don’t know.

for future reference look into some probes for ball pythons. Helps alot than just popping with your hands.

OK, thank you! I will definitely look into getting some probes!

Your Welcome! If you do invest in them just be sure to look up videos of pros using them. But once you get the hang of it its easy.

Yes, I will watch a lot of videos and try it. Also, do you know if it hurts the snake when you do it?

Its just like popping except you are using a tool to help express the reproductive organs. If done correctly it will not hurt the snake in any way but they may squirm if they are younger.

Probing should only be done if you have someone show you in person first. You can easily hurt your snake (like puncture the hemipenes) if you don’t know what you are doing or what to feel for.

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Thanks again! And I think that you do it on either the left of the right side of the cloaca.

DO NOT probe unless you know how to do it and had someone show you in person, the most accurate way to sex a snake is to pop which you will not be able to perform on an adult unless you are proficient and someone has taught you in person how to do it (you need to be taught fingers placement and amount of pressure required)

Probing is not always accurate especially if the animal was previously injured doing so, which can make a female probe male (hence why when you probe you do it on both side)


Well, now I’m confused about what I should do. I feel like probing is the riskiest way, but is the best way to get a good answer.

Everting the sexual organs is, there is no confusion if you know how to do it.

Probing from people that have never done it often results in injuries.

Ultimately I recommend you to find someone to teach you.

I taught many people over the years including my own vet.