Does My Ball Python Have Scale Rot?

Hello everyone, i’ve had my enchi spider for about a month now. While checking on her i have noticed some of her scales are turning some what dark under her belly, is this the first signs of scale rot? Thank you everyone for your help.

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What are your husbandry conditions, and the status of the snake (where from, age, etc.)?


I believe that @nathan_e, @eaglereptiles, and @trnreptiles would be able to further identify what you were referring to. Though by the pictures, what I can tell your animal might possibly be going into shed because my snake’s spots become more noticeable or even highlighted when he’s going into shed. I hope this helps❤️


While it is difficult to tell from them picture whether it is scale rot or just pattern displacement from loose shed, I will give you what I know.

If your snake has scale rot, you have a moisture issue. While it’s true that Ball Pythons require higher humidity, they should never be housed on wet bedding.

Wet bedding, or worse, soiled and wet bedding creates a wonderful environment for bacteria to breed.

If your enclosure is too humid to the point of damp, wet bedding, you will need to add more air flow to the cage/tub by drilling holes, or exposing more screen if you are using a covered screen top enclosure.

Mild scale rot will clear with husbandry correction within a shed or two. Moderate and severe bouts will require a vet visit to treat and assess.

If this is scale rot that you are experiencing, then a quick change in husbandry should be enough to reverse the effects within a short amount of time.

What are your husbandry stats?
Temps, humidity, enclosure size…?


Just as Tom already stated the main reason for scale rot is excess moisture. Please post a picture of your setup and what the temps are as well as humidity. Riley also mentioned that that your snake is possibly going into shed soon due to the pink belly and it is true that some colors can come through on a snake that were not previously noticed when they were not in shed so that could be a possibility. I will however say that most cases on scale rot occur directly on the belly and not on the side (most of the time) so if the spots you are seeing on the sides of the snake is scale rot than you should be seeing more spots on the belly of the snake. And also to not freak you out, IF this is scale rot it can be easily fixed since there is no visible scabs or anything of that nature which would mean that the bacteria is only in the beginning stages and not full blown If this is indeed scale rot.


Hello Everyone, im sorry to omit that info. She is about 3 years old (got her from somebody who didn’t have any space at home for her anymore).
Temperature is in the low 90 during the day and high 70 at night. Ive been having problems keeping the humidity in the tank high. Normally it is in between 56 max and 47 low (it fluctuates a lot tho), i have a mesh lid and i cover halve of it with a towel everyday. Also 3 days ago i switched from paper towels to loose coconut fiber substrate (which i spray with water every morning but in the open areas only and not under the hides) to try and maintain humidity better.

Thank you

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Doesn’t really sound like it would be scale rot based on that info, I think it’s just part of her belly markings… though better lighting for the pictures would help a lot since a lot of it was in shadow


Any change in her belly scales? Or does she just have beauty marks? :nail_care:

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That’s mostly likely speckles when colored scales from the genes it has. To be safe. Clean whole enclose throughly monthly , slot clean and always remove sheds and urine soaked substrate immediately.