Does my Beardie have a morph?

This is Peach. My Pogona Vitticeps. I love and research reptiles an unhealthy amount, but one thing I do not know at all is morphs. I just can’t tell if miss Peach here has any morphs or whatever or not. Could anyone let me know?


Hello and welcome to the forum! Peach is certainly a peach :peach: of a beardie! He looks nice and healthy too! I love his coloring but I cannot advise you on any morph id.

However I am sure there will be someone to come along with information. :heart::star_struck:


Well thank you for the comments anyways :grin: Little Miss Peach appreciates it


Firstly, welcome to the community! Can’t wait to see you around here more :wink:

No let me say that I absolutely suck with beardie morphs but she looks like she could potentially be a hypo. You can check by looking at her nails and if they are clear than she is a hypo but if not, then she is just a beautiful normal. The hard thing with bearded dragons is how variable they can be. You can get a brick red and a bright yellow from the same clutch from relatively normal parents. Hope that helps a bit!


Oops! I’m so sorry I called her a “he”! My sincere apologies to Miss Peach. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thanks for the Tip! :grin: she’s sleepin rn so I’ll make sure to check her nails in the morning