Dollar store decor

Edit: it didn’t let me post a vid so heres a pic. You cant see it all but oh well haha) Decorated this enclosure from stuff I found at the dollar store. Only spent $14 for everything except for the substrate and hydrometer of course. Its been a week and everything is still in place even after being climbed on which is awesome! Its not finished yet but I like it!


Be careful about dyed fake plants. Used to use them in my corns tubs until one got in the water bowl and all the color seeped out of the fake plant. I wouldn’t want to risk illness from whatever dye they use on the fake leaves.


They dont go in the water dish, I disinfected everything before putting it in and the flowers are changed every 2 weeks. And the water dish is taken out to be disinfected every 3 days. No need to worry.


I like it. Inspiring. I just won’t pay 30 bucks for a fake rock/branch.

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I feel you! Anything with “reptile” on the package increases the cost. My snakes enjoy their dollar store hides, rocks, plants and everything else just as much as the expensive pet store ones. The whole enclosure cost less than one hide at a pet store. Plus you can change the colors/textures/sizes/shapes of things in the enclosure more often since it’s so cheap. Will also allow you to put more money towards food, substrate, and future vet Bill’s.

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I have 2 girls around the 1200 gram mark, they’ve definitely outgrown their little 9” x 6” Medium basic hides, and the XLs or something comparable are like $30 and up. I took a page out of Jason’s book (Morph Mixology) and hit up my local Dollar Tree for a couple hide upgrades. $2 and one deep razor blade slice later (My master craftsmanship skills at work :roll_eyes:)…not bad.
image image

I think I like the rectangular one better I’ll probably stick with those from now on.


These turned out really nice! I would make sure to soak them well. Sometimes the paint used on dollar store stuff can be really toxic. I have seen “decor” bought from there bleed paint everywhere from the humidity and such. But a nice soak and wash will prevent that.
Very nice though

I disinfected and then did a scrub with some dawn. They’re just colored plastic I think they should be ok. Basically same stuff Jason uses for his whole collection so. Wish I didn’t slice my finger open but other than that they will do nicely lol

My latest Dollar Tree finds. These ones are the really brittle plastic so it’s a bit of a challenge cutting without shattering it but I’m needing some bigger hides so we are going to give it a shot. $1 each as usual.

Picked up some smaller ones that should work out as hide boxes for my ASFs I’ll be starting next month.


I would recommend against putting anything plastic in with your ASFs, they will chew through ANYTHING they can get their teeth on, which will in turn end up in your snakes. :mouse2::snake:


Yeah these are not going to work.

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I just use cereal boxes for my ASFs and change them when I do a tub clean.

If you buy your cereal at the dollar store it still counts :wink:


Idk why I hadn’t thought of that already those are a great idea.

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