"domestically produced" = captive bred?

I’m wondering whether the term “domestically produced” under “Origin” of animals for sale means that the animal was captive bred, or is that not necessarily the case?


Generally, yes.

That said, I have occasionally run across cases where someone used “domestically produced” to mean that the offspring were from a wild-caught animal that was already gravid when she came in

So it can be a semantic “trick”

If in doubt, ask the breeder. Anyone reputable will be honest about it


Sometimes sellers will put that for farm bred animals too, even though that should be put under import at least. I don’t know if farm bred is a category for sellers to choose from, but it should be. In most cases, farm bred animals aren’t much healthier than wild caught individuals. It is best to ask the seller when they have a rare/uncommon species if they are CB, CBB, or farm bred.