Don’t know what to feed my beardie

So I am getting a beardie in about 2 weeks time and I am having some issues, I don’t know what to feed it
(The proteins not veggies I have veggies figured out)

Here’s the problem with all of the following feeder insects

Phonix worms:they turn into flys and I don’t under stand how the heck I would get the larvae out.

Dubia roaches: n/a

Horn worms:grow quickly and are sometimes to bug for juvies and are mainly moisture

Super worms: they bite and sting which idk if that’s a danger to my beardie

Meal worms:tough exoskeleton

Crickets:carry parasites and are hard to keep alive

Any tips on what to do? (Please note I want to be able to breed these I really don’t want to be buying bugs)

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Just a note, breeding/keeping dubias can lead to shellfish allergies.

If you are buying one beardie, you likely aren’t going to need to breed bugs. In fact, you probably couldn’t use them up quickly enough.

I have a fully mature dragon who eats a dozen lg crickets each week, everything else is vegetables. Once or twice a month, I give him a couple horn worms. They really shouldn’t be eating too much protein as they age.

Flokei isn’t as fat as other beardies, but the vet says he’s healthy.

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I think you’re overthinking the bug thing a little too much. Keep in mind these are extremely well evolved lizards and captive breeding hasn’t turned them into glass just yet.

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Sorry…what I thought hehe

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