Don't fear the widow

I know spider inverts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Ive collected spiders of all kinds over the years. Spiders are a lot of fun to watch them spin thier webs and catch insects and feed.

I’ve noticed on the internet there is a lot of misleading info out their to downright fear mongering. The media loves to malign things they don’t understand and pest control companies who profit off of peoples fears of spiders.

Black widow spiders are shy spiders who typically hunt at night but sometimes they may be seen in the day. Most of the time they like to set up in places like wood piles, under rocks and leafy grounds. While their venom has the potential to be dangerous most of the time its not life threatening. They are very reluctant to bite they prefer thier venom be used to catch their prey. The few people that get bit typically smashed or squeezed the spider with a part of their body by accident. I have free handled many spiders typically to move them etc. I have not been bitten as i keep a relaxed hand and let the spider do its thing i will gently guide the spider to the direction i want them to head.

Black widow spiders live about 3 years if female and about 6 months if male. Most spiders including the widow are very easy to care for, dont mix spiders as she will eat the others. They dont really require much, a few crickets or other suitable sized insects a couple times a week. She is a voracious predator so don’t overfeed her she will kill all the insects and not eat them. I feed mine 3 crickets, typically they last a few days and occasionally she will kill her prey and leave it hanging for later. If she hasn’t eaten it after a day you can remove it. They can be stored at room temperature. Quite honestly they make great pets that are super low maintenance and she leaves very little waste, which you can spot clean. Ive tried isopods to be clean up but she ate mine :joy: