Don't look now...but

Don’t look now :eyes: but i think my baby is relaxed and looking beautiful after her shed. I believe she looks bigger now too. She likes to curl up in the open now.

I didn’t want to disturb her sleep so i took a picture from the outside.

I saw her drink water yesterday that was a treat :heart:.

She is so extra all the time :woman_shrugging: i tell her she has a 20’ python 'tude in a foot and a half body :snake::joy: i hope my tap training will pay off. I don’t know why im so afraid of being bit by her? She has a small head and honestly I’ve had some seriously painful bites from animals way bigger and stronger, heck my kitty has inflicted tons of pain from her 10lb butt :woman_shrugging: :joy:. Not sure why im so like “don’t bite me baby, i love you” im pretty sure she doesn’t wanna give me a love bite. :heart:



Maybe some day little orange crush will calm down. And don’t feel bad about being scared of being bit by orange crush, I’m scared of being bit by my little baby hognose, Fresa, and she’s barely 1 foot long lol


I don’t think it’s about being scared of being bitten. It’s a natural reaction, a flinch your body goes through that’s like self preservation. So true about the little hogs, I flinch even knowing they bluff with their mouths closed.