Don't panic.. Don't panic

Last night the light went out and my incubator didn’t work for a couple of hours… Could be a problem for my eggs?

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You probably should be fine as long as you didn’t open it and let all the heat out. A good incubator would take time to lose that much heat.


Did you open the incubator and is it working okay now? Did you find out why the incubator stopped working?

Now everything good

Maybe just keep an eye on it incase it happens again

Yes… I think so…

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If it helps put your mind at ease, I actually have my incubator on a timer and it shuts off every night. I figure there is a natural cycle of temperature in the wild so one in the incubator will not create an issue. Have yet to see a problem with any of my hatches

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I asked it because I know than changing temperature inside the eggs box could be created a fiscal issues in the babies…

Massive temperature spikes can create problems but, generally speaking, small, gradual drops in temp are generally not an issue


If you’re worried about it in the future you can add water to the incubator to hold temperatures stable.

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