Dragon Snake Chilling in His Lair

Just a Dragon chilling in his lair.

Dragon Snake, Xenodermus javanicus. Stunning male that has been thriving with us for 3 years. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fun fact: Dragon Snakes have an interesting mechanism of defense; while tail rattling is common, their first instinct is to stiffen their entire bodies as if they were instantaneously frozen in place. This defense mechanism is not fully understood, but it sure is interesting!


Your pictures never fail to impress me. Does their tail rattling cause noise or is it just the motion? That sounds interesting, similar to fainting goats except with an evolutionary advantage. Maybe similar to hognoses’ playing dead?


Their tail rattling is honestly really wimpy LOL, Their little tails are like strands of string so it’s pretty unimpressive and only somewhat audible when they are between a good pile of leaf litter. There are a few hypotheses as to why they turn to stone such as tonic immobility or perhaps just to look like a stick. They’re very unthreatening regardless though, poor little guys :sweat_smile:


I really love seeing new pictures of your dragon snakes! They are the only snake I’ve seen that is both super cool looking and super cute!


Ah, then I must show you the two sides of the False Water Cobra:

Upon viewing the side profile of a hungry False Water Cobra displaying her hood in an attempt to scare her fresh filleted fish tidbit hunted straight from the grocery store, one may believe this creature exhibits “cool” characteristics; perhaps even to the status of the “bees knees”.

However, the front profile of an equally hungry False Water Cobra who just finished chewing the side of a plate after confusing it with the chicken remnants that he devoured off of it proves that these snakes are just as cute as they are cool.



Haha, I would have firmly placed FWCs in the ‘cool’ category, but I’ve never seen one from the front! If that’s not puppy dog eyes, I don’t know what is!


Both snakes are AMAZING!!!

Husband would like a false water cobra but I may have to show him the dragon snake too :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like the hood on the false water cobra, that’s my favourite part of a cobra but the rattle on rattlesnakes is awesome. We won’t be getting a rattlesnake but I use to visit a shop which has one and it was amazing :heart_eyes: our male king Snake likes to rattle his tail on occasion… It’s cute.


False Water Cobras are one of the most amazing snake species I’ve ever kept. They have so much to offer to those that care for them. They are so intelligent, curious and inquisitive, and will touch your heart in ways you never thought a snake could. My most precious companion was a False Water Cobra named Legion – he is the puppy-eyed one at the bottom of my reply. He passed away at the beginning of this year due to liver failure, but he was so special to us.

We are very spiritual about the animals we encounter; we see beauty and purpose in every creature, but there are a select few that we consider sacred for the significant role they play in our lives. Animals have helped us grow and prosper in ways that we could not have done without them. It may sound silly to some, but our entire existence revolves around the animals that surround us – from a small ant on the ground to a large hawk in the sky – and the nature that shelters them. It’s just who we are.


That’s amazing :blush:

Sorry about the loss of your false water cobra.


Dragon snakes are amazing! I think they look genuinely cute, little puppy face :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The other half alway would love a false water cobra! Men seem to like them huh! :sweat_smile:

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My husband only found them because I said I would love a cobra if it wasn’t for the venom. Then he found them and wanted one. I would love one too but won’t be until the kids are a little grown up.

I’m pretty sure I’d bond with it more :grin: providing I don’t go crazy with Cresties by then lol

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From reading and looking them up they are venomous still, but not as bad if @creaturesofnightshade can confirm? :blush: As that puts me off see, I’d be worried about getting bitten, especially with a 6 year old who handles everyone here! :grimacing:

Ha… You’ll be overrun with cresties for sure once you start breeding it gets worse! :wink::sweat_smile:

Yes they are, hence why we would wait till the kids are grown up

Yes, False Water Cobras are rear-fanged venomous. Their venom is not potent in comparison to front-fanged venomous snakes such as Vipers or Elapids, though. Caution should still be taken with handling, but their delivery apparatus is poor given the fact they have to essentially “chew” on you to really envenomate. I’ve been envenomated in the past as a result of complacency, and while it certainly wasn’t pleasant, I only experienced a little pain, redness and swelling for a few days. Picture below for reference, taken 20 minutes after envenomation.

They can be a little nuts as juveniles; their younger years are when you have to be the most cautious because their smaller size makes them incredibly fast and they can be very eager to eat so they will chomp down on anything at first. As they mature into adulthood though, their personalities begin to shine and they really transform (most of them, anyway; they can still remain rambunctious, there is no guarantee).


It’s definitely on our list. I’m the reserved one because of the venom but I’m sure if I saw one, I’d forget about the venom :joy: until one of us are bit :anguished:

But won’t be for a while


Do the dragons tend to hide all the time? I remember you posting something about feeding minnows and having to place them under the hide. Such amazing creatures! Would love to see some in person one day.

They hide during the day and after eating. They are quite active at night, though. I keep the feeder fish under their hide for new imports to help get them established. No minnows though – mostly guppies. Important to distinguish because minnows have a lot of thiaminase which is harmful to snakes if fed long-term.


Good to know! Thank you for sharing!


Your pictures are really stunning! And your animals are really something else. I’m sorry about your loss of Legion. Those with an open heart and open eyes can find and further connectedness everywhere. Those who don’t never understand.

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