Dragon Snake or Puppy Dog?

I love the little puppy dog faces that Dragon Snakes possess. Such a bundle of cuteness!

Xenodermus javanicus, the Dragon Snake

Disclaimer: I do not encourage further import or acquisition of X. javanicus due to their steadily decreasing wild populations as a result of the rising demand in the reptile hobby and careless importers. This species is very fragile and has a reputation for perishing quickly in captivity. I have been successful in keeping them for some years now and am working towards producing captive bred offspring, but it will take time to establish captive numbers. Please be patient and leave them in the wild to recover from their population loss.


I can only imagine the price tag on these the day they are first available for sale CB LoL. Fingers crossed they’ll be available in the near future.


Its awesome that you have been able to keep them alive in captivity! I cant wait until they become more available, especially captive bred. Keep us posted about the pairing and husbandry successes and learning curves. :smile:


Crystal palace reptiles in the UK imported an albino dragon snake about 10 years ago.

No idea what became of it.

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@creaturesofnightshade any info/updates on the Dragon Snakes? Captive breeding? :slight_smile:

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In another thread they said they’re hoping to have babies in the fall!