Drainage layer question

Can you use Exo Terra Sub Stratum Bioactive Volcanic Substrate has a drainage layer

3 Ways to use Sub Stratum

Natural bioactive soil

  1. Sole Substrate

When Exo Terra’s Sub Stratum is used as the sole substrate, add a layer of 1-2" (2,5-5 cm) to the terrarium. The live bacteria will activate when the substrate comes in contact with water or waste. The organic matter such as left over food and animal waste will decompose over time. The absorbing properties of volcanic ash will eliminate odours by trapping the decomposed materials. Rinse the Sub Stratum and replace partly every 12 months

  1. Drainage Layer

Add a top layer of biological substrate to the Exo Terra’s Sub Stratum layer for optimal bioactivity and drainage Plants can be secured in the top layer (eg. Exo Terra’s Plantation Soil) while their roots will thrive in the sub layer of Sub Stratum-resulting in optimal growth.

  1. Mixed-in

By mixing the Sub Stratum with other organic sub- strates, you enrich any substrate with the required minerals like calcium, nitrogen, potassium and phos- phorus it also aids in the water retention capacity and provide adequate air supply to

This post confuses me :sweat_smile:

According to the bag I could use it as a drainage layer would this be fine as a drainage is my question

Drainage bio balls bottom on bottom, couple inches thick is enough, then a layer of weed blocker Is great! And then substrate. :blush:

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it should be perfectly fine

I wouldn’t. It’s so tiny.
When you siphon water out you’ll suck them all up also.
Stick to bio balls.