Dreamsicle comparison: Standard / Pastel / Super Pastel

Busted out the ol’ flash for some indoor group photos. I thought it would be fun to put these three combinations together to highlight the differences between a standard dreamsicle (lavender pied), pastel dreamsicle, and super pastel dreamsicle.

One of the easiest ways to identify them is the headstamp and color in the head. The orange blushing that is present in a standard dreamsicle gets washed away in the pastel versions. The coloration in the pastel leans slightly more towards the yellow tone. The most pattern disruption seems to come in super pastel dreamsicle form.

As coloration inevitably fades as they approach adulthood the pastel version will begin to overtake the standard dreamsicle in terms of color intensity. The dreamsicle will fade towards a lighter orange while the pastel’s yellows are intensified. As we begin to layer more and more dominant mutations into the double recessive dreamsicle combo I think we’ll find pastel to be a very useful tool to add long term color intensity.

How will the super pastel versions develop over time? Your guess is as good as mine but I would assume they will fade out quite a bit. Maybe I’m wrong and they’ll pull in lots of color like the pastel dreamsicle version does as it hits adulthood.

From left to right: Super Pastel Dreamsicle, Pastel Dreamsicle, Dreamsicle


I like the regular Dreamsicle best. They are all pretty amazing though


This is epic!

Absolutely love this post.



The regular dreamsicle looks the best now as a baby but your opinion will likely change when they’re yearlings and beyond. Pastel dreamsicles pull in lots of color as time goes on. Both are incredible though, I agree! :slight_smile:

Thank you Thomas! Not many super pastel dreamsicles have been made and I realize I have a unique opportunity to photograph them all together. Glad you like it!

The super pastel dreamsicle is at a disadvantage because she hasn’t gone through her second shed yet. All dreams tend to pull in a bunch more color after that second shed or so.


I especially like the couple pics detailing the heads! Really cool! I hope the super pastel pulls more color as it ages, because that disrupted pattern on it is killer! As far as color I really think the pastel edges out the regular dreamsicle slightly!


Here’s some updated photos of the pastel dreamsicle and dreamsicle at around 200g.

The standard dreamsicle still wins in terms of color/contrast, that will likely change around 700g.


Both gorgeous, but I still favor the super pastel! Would love though to see both after around 800+grams, closer to adult just to see if any of that orange coloration on either changes much. Great snakes, hope you have some future plans for em!