Drymarchon feeding

Hi everyone! Looking for some help with our drymarchon corais. He’s approx 2.2 pounds and approx 4 1/2’ in length born feb 2021. How much and how often should he be fed? We have been feeding iguana Reptilinks, frozen thawed day old quail, frog legs, fish and rat pups (once in awhile). Tonight’s feeding was 50 grams of reptilinks and 2 quail (about 25 grams) . Last feeding was 5 days ago with 2 links and 2 quail. Thanks in advance!

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Feeding Drymarchon fluctuates and is sort of a balancing act. Most of the year I feed my crew of Drys twice a week. Spring 2-4 times a week. And in winter usually once a week.

With that said they will almost always eat. Daily probably, but they get fat quick and its not good for them. I keep an eye on their overall looks. If they start to look fat I back down a bit, if they start to look thinner I ramp up.

They have insane metabolisms and are very active so after almost ten years with them now I have never found one flat schedule and meal that maintains a perfect body weight.


That’s great information, thank you for taking the time to respond. They do seem to have quite the appetite and an amazingly fast metabolism. Absolutely wonderful snakes.

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No problem. They are my favorite Genus by far.