Dual sired clutch

I’m curious how often people see dual sired clutches. I’m asking because I just hatched my first one. I paired a Super Arroyo, or “Rio” female to a Red Stripe het. Clown, and to a Bamboo Woma het. Clown. After cutting the eggs I have what I confidently feel are 2 Red Stripe Arroyo, 1 Arroyo, 1 Woma Arroyo and 1 Bamboo Woma Arroyo. So it would appear each sire fertilized at least two eggs. The single gene Arroyo will be impossible to know who the sire is and doesn’t much matter I guess. And of course each of these is 50% pos het clown. So seeing as this is the first time I personally have had it happen just figured I would see what other peoples experience has been. Particularly those that produce a lot of clutches. I only produce a few per year as this is strictly a hobby for me. Thank you for reading.

Often enough that I rarely mix males in pairings anymore. Since 2015 I’ve had 4 that I can think of. I’ve never been one to back up every male so that’s out of maybe 4-5 pairings a year I don’t have a specific male for.

It’s also why I don’t ever pair different recessive males in the same season. You don’t want to make a bunch of DH but not know if they’re dh hypo clown or hypo pied but god forbid it’s both :joy:

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