Dubia Roach Shortage!

I’m in the UK and there seems to be a shortage of of Dubai’s?? My usual supplier, who I usually buy bulk from, has not had any for about a month now…is there a shortage on bulk buys? Really begrudge buying pre packed from pet shops :tired_face: or can someone recommend another supplier…TIA

Who’s your usual supplier? I use dubia.com for my bugs idk if they do britain I am in the states so I am not too sure.

As unpleasant as the idea may be, you might consider picking up a couple per-packaged and then raising them yourself. Or, look at a different species that may be more available - lobsters, red runners, spec ‘Ivory’, etc.

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Ahhh I already do breed my own, I’ve got two colony’s on the go but my hoard are eating them quicker then they are breeding so I’ve had to start buying in bulk again! I’ll be good to go in a few months it’s just getting there…and we know how beardies love roaches!!

I personally wouldn’t recommend because they can fly and climb.

This does not necessarily eliminate them. Fundamentally it is no different than ensuring you have to proper caging/housing for your herp - it just requires that extra measures be taken to accommodate their specific quirks. I raised lobsters for years and found them to be easier to keep/care for and more prolific breeders than dubia

oh sorry I never knew that :sweat_smile:

This is the reason why I personally won’t keep them. Given that they can fly and climb it’s not unlikely that some could escape when I do maintenance or clean. And because they are so prolific, it’s a risk that they could infest. They are a good option but I personally won’t keep them.

Erhhhh I can’t do things that fly, they can chase you :rofl:

I’ve managed to find some but more expensive and less then what I usually get…£37 for 200!!! That will last 3 feeds :tired_face:

Prolific within the bounds of their necessary environment. The random few that went rogue on me when I lived in Atl never lasted that long. If I assume your location based on your username, they would not be infesting your house

So… Uhhhhhh… Guess I should not send you this box of jumbo blow flies???
:rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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:rofl: definitely not!

Plus heres a few codes to use :wink: