Dumeril’s, MGB, and MTB?

Is anyone here working actively with Acrantophis Dumerili (Dumeril’s boa), Acrantophis Madagascariensis (Madagascar Ground Boa), or Sanzinia Madagascariensis (Madagascar Tree Boa)?

I currently have a beautiful four year old female Dumeril’s boa, but I would adore to have an MGB and a MTB eventually. My goal is to work with these species (including both species of MTB) and breed them when I have the room. For now, I aim to at least have one of each.

Next to get is a MGB and I would adore to have one. Generally how much do neonates to sub adults go for?


Not really actively working with them but I acquired my sister’s Dumeril when she moved to CA. They are impressive animals

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Agreed! I rescued my Dumeril’s boa and she is probably my favorite snake that I have ever owned.

I am also currently on the lookout for MGB. I have seen neonates anywhere from $800 for one, all the way up to the proven pair NERD has for sale for $8000/pr.