Dumeril’s, MGB, and MTB?

Is anyone here working actively with Acrantophis Dumerili (Dumeril’s boa), Acrantophis Madagascariensis (Madagascar Ground Boa), or Sanzinia Madagascariensis (Madagascar Tree Boa)?

I currently have a beautiful four year old female Dumeril’s boa, but I would adore to have an MGB and a MTB eventually. My goal is to work with these species (including both species of MTB) and breed them when I have the room. For now, I aim to at least have one of each.

Next to get is a MGB and I would adore to have one. Generally how much do neonates to sub adults go for?


Not really actively working with them but I acquired my sister’s Dumeril when she moved to CA. They are impressive animals

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Agreed! I rescued my Dumeril’s boa and she is probably my favorite snake that I have ever owned.

I am also currently on the lookout for MGB. I have seen neonates anywhere from $800 for one, all the way up to the proven pair NERD has for sale for $8000/pr.

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I’ve seen them as well!
The pair(s) that NERD has look amazing, but really I was looking for just a sole individual, haha. I wish they were not so damn expensive and hard to find, but hopefully they will be more popular soon! The Madagascar boas really do deserve attention from the community, they’re absolutely beautiful just as their natural selves.

This is my girl Sanza (Sanzinia Madagascan Tree Boa) Pic is from the day she arrived. This lovely baby girl is sweet as can be and not head shy at all…I love it when she rests her little head on my hand and watches TV with me for a while LoL.

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I feel like the Solomon’s are just as beautiful as the Madagascar, yet neither receive the notice they should! Gorgeous boas, stay on the smaller side, more docile by nature, got me on my boa craze for sure, now I own 2, a Solomon island ground boa & a Hypo Columbian x Hog Island cross!