Dumerils boa breeding

So I just introduced my male and female dumerils boas to see how they’d interact with each other and my male was fine for a bit but when the female was right in front of him he started to open his mouth as if he was eating something that was already dead. I pulled him back out of fear that he was gona cause some damage. Anybody ever seen this behavior during breeding?? The male is the smaller one


He may have been trying to scare off the female. Dumeril boas are cannibalistic. You may want to keep them separate until they are the same size.

I only breed Dumerils one time. Both Dumerils where about the same size 7 foot and around 30 lbs. All the babies where very hard to get them to eat. Sold all to a wholesale who knew how to care for them better then me. Gestation was longer the normal boas. All babies where very big at birth and shed in two days.


Thanks for the information, I’ll give him some time to grow