Dusty morph ID?

I obtained “Dusty” the Leo (that’s what I named him) from the pet shop as he looked very unusual to me. I obviously need to fatten him up, and he is an adult.

I waited for him to shed, and his color remains the same. :flushed:

At first I thought “melanistic” blizzard, however he does have some underlying yellow- and just regular eyes.

My next thinking is “melanistic” patternless?

@verinium is this similar to yours?

Anyone have any ideas what he could be?


He looks very similar to mine! Mine was also from a pet store though so i cant tell exact morph, but can provide baby pics if that helps others with more experience. As far as i know mine is a dark coloration murphys pattenrless.

I didnt take direct baby pics, but this was very close to what the coloration looked like when i first got them (image from google)


Thanks! Looks similar alright.

I’m doing two categories for breeding. One is pet and the other is pure breeds.

Obviously no pets are being bred with pure breds and being sold as pure bred. :rofl:

He’s a very interesting addition to my pet catagory. Will breed him to my phenotype shctb and see what pops up. My understanding is Murphy’s Patternless is recessive.


Some melanism is line bred, would be interesting if you could keep the pattern getting darker, the silver color when younger was amazing, getting that consistently as an adult would be a good line IMO.


I totally agree.

I’ve always bred with the purpose of animal health and improving morphs.

That would definitely be a direction to go.

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Here is mine currently btw, looks almost identical to yours.


Brothers from different mothers. :grin:

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Murphy’s Patternless is recessive. Breeding this to a SHCTB will probably result in varying degrees of normal to hypo offspring that are het for Patternless.

If you don’t know the history of your geckos (IE: impulse pet store purchase), I really don’t recommend breeding them. Even if you’re only selling the offspring as 'pet quality ’ the leopard gecko market is already oversaturated.