Dwarf Boa Identification

I picked this pair up from a guy I work with. He bought them as Hypo Dwarf Nicaraguan Boas produced by Jeff Hartwig. Normally hypo removes a lot of the darker pigments from the snake but as you can see from the pictures they are very dark snakes. I’m still working on learning boa genes and ID’ing them so I want to make sure what I was sold is what I got.


For Nicaraguans those are pretty light in color actually.

Really! I have a Hypo BCI and she has zero dark pigments at all. Are Nicaraguan’s just really really dark to begin with?

Nics do tend to be darker with more cryptic patterning. I been researching alot lately myself cause I just got a baby of unknown genetics that seems like it maybe a Nic cross cause it almost looks anery. I have a 2 year old female that’s a CA / Nic cross…& although her tall is dark red …
between the saddles its black. So they do look to be hypo …chilling in their dark phase. Hope that’s helpful.

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