Dwarf Cow retics?

I LOVE cow relics but the size is the one downside… I have a huge enclosure that would be perfect for a dwarf tho. So, do dwarf relics exist yet? iv’e looked around a tiny bit and I don’t see people even talking about them, let alone selling them. Thanks in advance!


Garret Hartle has a 25% Kalatoa Cow so they’re coming, but it might take a minute. Cow is an allelic expression so hitting the odds isn’t necessarily going to be a given depending on what his pairing is.


Once they become more readily available, I might not be able to resist getting one!


I can not wait, I know it’ll be a while but they are 100% a snake that is worth waiting for

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As soon as they are higher percentage, I’m getting one. Price isn’t even a huge concern for me, I already have a giant enclosure (6ft x 3ft x 6ft) for one and everything lol


Price is definitely a concern for me, so please post many pictures when you finally get one so I can at least enjoy yours!

@silly_serpents did you ever get the dwarf cow retic or did you settle for something else

No one has produced a Dwarf cow yet. Reach Out Reptiles has a 25% dwarf cow. Best case it’s going to be a few years before they’re readily available and under $10k

@ballornothing it think in your face exotics has some high end jamp ones

And some of them are golden child as well

We actually got the first 50% Kalatoa SD Cows in May of 2020. We let one male go for $30k, and one female for $20k. Since then, we have been working on increasing our SD % on both sides (Phantom and Orange Ghost Stripe, which we now have up to 87.5% and 68.75% respectively) to be able to produce smaller and smaller SD Cows. As stated, we do have a breeding 25% SD Cow here as well, but hope to hatch more in 2023 that will be (somewhat) more affordable. :slight_smile:


Can we have some pictures please :blush:

Here’s a baby pic of the 2020 Superdwarf COW


Wow, very gorgeous. How big is it currently?