Dwarf Retics?

I know Retics can be mainland, or of the dwarf variety. I LOVE relics but I don’t want the size of a retic. I started looking into dwarf relics but I found that all of them has 25% or 43% dwarf?? If anyone can explain what that percentage is because I understand it’s not a morph so I’m a bit confused. Thank you in advance!

In order to have morph dwarfs, dwarf and super dwarf retics are bred with mainland retics. The percent tells you how much dwarf retic is in the snake. Typically they’re only considered dwarfs if they’re at least 50% dwarf. If you’re looking for a smaller individual, choose one with a very high percent dwarf lineage.

If you want to watch some informative videos, this channel is good: https://youtube.com/c/ReachOutReptiles


What @solarserpents said. You can also make things more complicated by figuring out the percentages of each locality in the retic, if the seller knows it that is.

Dwarves and super dwarves have different localities that grow to different sizes, so even though you can buy something as a dwarf that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t get close to mainland size. Knowing the different localities along with how the percentages effect the sizes of the snakes can help you a lot. You can look at the link solarserpents posted and learn more about that, plus a lot of other information about dwarf and super dwarf retics.


Thank you, I actually started watching him not too long after making this post haha. That helped a lot, thank you again!

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Yea I started watching him and I’m learning a lot. Thank you both! I am defiantly gonna have to do tons more research before getting one to make sure I don’t end up with giant snake I can’t care for haha. You guys helped a lot, thank you again.

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Follow Garret Hartle on all the social media platforms and check out his YouTube. He’s pretty much set himself up to be the godfather of super dwarf retics. Buying from him guarantees you’ll get the size range he describes for that animal.