Eastern box turtle care?

Hi I’m a new turtle owner of an eastern box turtle but not incompetent so I know every basic care I can do for her (btw she was a rescue she was severely neglected and taken from the wild last year but it was in another state so I couldn’t put her back in the wild) any who I’d like to learn what a healthy shell looks like and how to know if she’s getting sick or not as well as knowing how much food she should eat? (Ex one cup) I just put food in her bowl and she eats it whenever then take it out and replace it when it’s old. Last thing, I’m moving very soon to a place where I might not be able to have fresh food for her once in awhile so would the repashy gel powders do?


If your turtle’s scutes are raised, then you might have to change her diet. Does she have mucus on her face/beak?

Are scutes her plates on her shell?id so I think their raised? They definitely aren’t smooth when moving to the other plate And no I haven’t noticed any mucus.

Yes, scutes are the plates on her shell. It’s okay if it isn’t smooth, though if the scutes are high enough that it simply doesn’t look like a tortoise or (for example) in the wild, tortoises try to look like a rock to avoid predators. If she doesn’t look anything like a rock, then that is a sign. Do you have a pic?

I’m sorry I didn’t have any service for the longest but I do have pictures but I can’t send them on this device unfortunately. I’ll post some on insta in a sec “my_airpods_domt_fall_out”

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She looks great from what I can tell! Where you are moving, does it completely not have fresh greens?

I’m moving to the mountains and it takes ab 30min to an hour to get to the nearest store. And I’m glad she looks healthy

The repashy gel should work just fine, but you shouldn’t only feed that. If you could go once every week/every other week to get lettuce and mainly feed her the repashy gel, then that would be great.

Not iceberg lettuce though. Dark greens are best.

Thank you so much for all the help youve given me! When it gets warmer out I’ll build her an outside pen for her so she can be outside in the summer